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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Letting the abyss

"" is a book of poems and stories. Fractions addressed the author calls landslides, is leaving in every line of his poetry an opening in the chest invites you to read on without stopping.

His poems are as input to a delicious meal at the end to us in the form of stories, like the one entitled "You for me and me for you" which addresses the issue of both male and female virginity and emotional value that represents the Delivery is first, for after receiving the jealousy of inquiring whether antesesores remained in the memory of the beloved.

The really surprising, is the story "The Chosen", an urban tale of teenage rebellion mixture. Narrating the story of Cindi, who from her twin sister find suicidada, enters a pool of blood in the bathroom of his home, his worst occurrence was to investigate the true personal story of her twin sister. Wrapped in his odyssey, it makes into street gangs, diabolical sect pursues mistaking her sister until the climax leads to the discovery that the essence of life and fulfillment lies within oneself.

This book is written in Spanish.

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